review: monos

Although director Alejandro Landes’s script keeps context to an evocative minimum, the shadow of Colombia’s tentatively concluded civil conflict is unmistakable

write what you know

Cheerfully on point, workplace comedy Late Night plays out complex issues with the easy candor of its star, Mindy Kaling

personal effects: ek din pratidin

A blurb on Mrinal Sen’s EK DIN PRATIDIN (NYFF 1980), contributed to a collection of write-ups celebrating Film at Lincoln Center’s 50th Anniversary.

report on “reason”

Fear is not an option: Anand Patwardhan’s essay film traces the pattern of political and sectarian violence across the modern history of India

the perks and perils of self-reflexivity

As a send-up of the postmodern discourse about art, The Plagiarists is hilariously successful. But as a work of art in itself, it feels uninviting and closed off, insulated by its own convictions.