write what you know

Cheerfully on point, workplace comedy Late Night plays out complex issues with the easy candor of its star, Mindy Kaling

personal effects: ek din pratidin

A blurb on Mrinal Sen’s EK DIN PRATIDIN (NYFF 1980), contributed to a collection of write-ups celebrating Film at Lincoln Center’s 50th Anniversary.

report on “reason”

Fear is not an option: Anand Patwardhan’s essay film traces the pattern of political and sectarian violence across the modern history of India

the perks and perils of self-reflexivity

As a send-up of the postmodern discourse about art, The Plagiarists is hilariously successful. But as a work of art in itself, it feels uninviting and closed off, insulated by its own convictions.

berlinale dispatch: detours in the steppe

In the haunting opening sequence of Wang Quan’an’s ÖNDÖG, a car stumbles upon a dead woman in the heart of the Mongolian steppe, its headlights eerily illuminating her naked body.